Who We Are

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As the founder of Lifechange Learning, I have been a learner and educator in various contexts from aquatics instructor and coach to Sunday school teacher to corporate trainer to Director of Online Education. My experience in teaching and training includes various settings and cultures. I developed a corporate training department for skill acquisition and OSHA safety training. I’ve had the opportunity to educate leaders and professors in online training as well as instructing students in teaching skills. Most recently, I had the privilege of developing an online education department for higher education. I am a small business owner, so I understand the challenges some of you face. I see the value in using the internet and technology tools to effectively train employees and clients.  

A Note from Karen

 As a nurse and mom, I enjoy teaching children and their parents. Working as an RN, most of the teaching I did took place in the hospital and office settings. However, I was able to develop a home visit program for new moms and babies. My favorite teaching experiences have been in the home, removing the stress in the hospital or office setting and allowing effective learning to take place. Becoming a part of Lifechange Learning has expanded my knowledge of e-learning and its effectiveness.

Places We've Lived

  • Upstate New York
  • Massillon, Ohio
  • Chester County, PA
  • Shenandoah Valley, VA
  • Lancaster County, PA

Distant Places We've Visited

  • Nepal, Malaysia, Myanmar, Scotland, England, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Nova Scotia

Where We Live Now

  • Palm Beach County, FL

Who We Love Being

  • Parents of 3 boys
  • Grandparents
  • Part of a church family

Interesting Things We've Done

  • Climbed a glacier
  • Rode an elephant through the jungle
  • Survived monsoon season
  • Ate bison and quail on rice
  • Drank water buffalo milk
  • Abandoned by a taxi driver
  • Remodeled 5 houses
  • Built 6 decks
  • Snorkeled with a sea turtle


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