What's REAL Learning?

Molecular thoughts blur

At the core of e-learning is "learning."  Technology is just the tool used to facilitate the "change" of learning and extend its reach.  Now, the question is, "How do you design e-learning that moves learners toward change?"  At Lifechange Learning, we keep a simple formula in mind.  It's called REAL Learning.

Relevant + Engaged + Active = Lifechange Learning

We ensure that the learning is first of all Relevant to the learner.  Learners want to know what difference the training will make.  Second, learners should Engage others in the learning process.  Learners in a social context learn through shared insights and experiences.  Third, Active learning like problem based activities or case studies encourage practical solutions to real problems and leads to long-term change in the learner.

REAL Learning, taking new knowledge and applying it to life situations, makes a real difference.

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